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Remains of the Day: Pig pile on Apple

Google and Sony take shots at Apple, but at least Cupertino manages to escape one bizarre lawsuit and the company can remain secure in the knowledge that the iPad business is booming.

Walking could recharge your smartphone or MP3 player

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology are researching ways to harvest energy from motions like walking or running to power consumer electronics.


Handheld device helps you be prepared when visiting your local car mechanic.

Microsoft reportedly cancels Courier tablet prototype

Last fall, a promotional video for a Microsoft tablet project called "Courier" leaked out to the Web and generated some buzz. Alas, the Courier is not meant to be, as Microsoft appears to have canceled the project.

How Apple is training you for the future

Computerworld's Mike Elgan looks at how Apple is softening consumers' resistance to the gadget future the company envisions for everyone.

Review roundup: E-book readers

The number of high-quality e-readers available is mushrooming. We tested seven and gave our highest marks to one that might surprise you.

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600

With the addition of ePub support, the Sony Reader Touch Edition shapes up as a formidable competitor to Amazon's Kindles.

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition delivers mainstream e-book features in a highly portable package at a great price.

Interead Cool-ER

From its aspirational brand name to its hip tinted metallic case, Interead's Cool-ER e-book reader clearly strives to distinguish itself from the black-and-gray competition

Foxit eSlick Reader

This e-book reader is curiously named because the e-book reader is decidedly unslick, with a utilitarian appearance that lacks the elegance of competing e-book readers.