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Apple TV software 3.0 on its way with iTunes LP, Extras support

A much-needed software upgrade for the Apple TV is inevitable, but an iTunes Store TOS update may have let it slip that one is imminent. Highlighted among the TOS changes is support for iTunes LP and Extras—two formats that practically beg to be displayed on an HDTV.

DoCoMo goes natural with wooden cell phones

NTT DoCoMo is showing two prototype cell phones with cases made of compressed cypress.

iPhone 3G S and the 'Uh Oh' moment

Sure, Monday's iPhone 3GS announcement may have unsettled some phone manufacturers, but there may be broader implications for gadget companies.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show Atlantis launches to fix Hubble, the European Commission fines Intel, iRobot ships bots to the battlefield, Kabul gets WiMax, a Thai hospital boosts safety with robots and eye tracking systems go open source.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show Amazon intros a new Kindle, the Microsoft Imagine Cup declares a US champion, Windows 7 release candidate becomes publicly available, Steve Ballmer gives Stanford students a pep talk, a robot mows the lawn, a computer snaps together like Legos and robots battle it out in Tokyo.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show the New York Auto Show shows off car technology, Sun launches new servers, Sanyo unveils a laser projector, Sony intros a new Walkman and Honda demos two motion assistance devices.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show IBM and Sun merger talks break down, Acer launches 20 new products, Nintendo’s DSi launches worldwide, the Mousegrips helps you exercise while checking e-mail, Nanotouch solves the fat finger problem, JAXA unveils a new supercomputer, iRobot updates the Looj, Skype helps marriages, GM and Segway unveil the PUMA and Casmobot mows the lawn.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show mobile software and hardware debut at CTIA in Las Vegas, Canada looks to recycle more e-waste, Intel launches new processors, FujiFilm shows off a prototype 3D camera, the European Commission prepares to investigate how online data is being used and a brain machine controls robots.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show Dell’s rugged laptop fails the drop test, MIT plans to race a solar car, a smart meter helps users save energy, the bathroom of tomorrow reminds you to brush your teeth, high school students build and compete with homemade robots, the biggest cell phone in the world is unveiled, Nintendo ships its 100 millionth DS and Woz does the cha-cha.

Amazon modifies Kindle text-to-speech feature will let copyright holders opt out of having their books read aloud on the company's Kindle 2 book reader.