Don't-Miss Stories

Review: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Mac relies heavily on nostalgia

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is mostly a nostalgia buy for dedicated RPG fans who will enjoy the old-school gameplay, brutal difficulty, and subtle enhancements over the original.

Review: Girls Like Robots is a charming, challenging puzzler with a quirky storyline

Girls Like Robots is just about everything you want in a puzzle game: it’s refreshing, quirky, cheerful, and challenging.

Remains of the Day: Super password

Despite the patch for the latest Apple security hole, concerns remain about the company's track record in that arena. But, hey, can you really blame Apple, when it may be busy building a game controller and a streaming music service?

Review: Real Racing 3 for iOS needs to fix its payment model before it can shine

Real Racing 3 is the franchise's best installment yet, but the "freemium" payment model really inhibits gameplay, making it a frustrating experience.

Review: Ridiculous Fishing for iOS lives up to its name, but in a good way

First you throw, then you reel, and finally, you shoot. Ridiculous Fishing brings colorful graphics and a variety of gameplay to iOS.

Review: Karateka for iOS is a beautiful fighting game for the casual player

Put on your kimono and black belt: Jordan Mechner's classic martial-arts fighting game has landed on iOS with spectacular results.

Remains of the Day: Can get some satisfaction

Apple's still tops in smartphone smiles, Google's chairman lodges a foot in his mouth yet again, and a satirical game gets the boot from the App Store.

Review: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum for Mac

Despite its aging look, there's a tremendous amount of gameplay to be had in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum, and it's safe fun for the entire family.

Review: Borderlands Legends for iOS is a disappointing addition to the franchise

To drum up support for the recent release of Borderlands 2, 2K Games has released Borderlands Legends, a game that falls laughably short of doing justice to the humorous western, sci-fi RPG shooter franchise.

Review: Heart of the Swarm a big step in StarCraft II's evolution

Starring series antihero Kerrigan, this expansion pack to 2010’s Wings of Liberty makes the StarCraft II better, improves the multiplayer, and progresses the story in new and interesting ways.