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chrome apps for mobile

Chrome Apps for Mobile upgraded to feel more like native apps

Google's project to bring Chrome apps to mobile continues with new capabilities to give Chrome apps that native-like feel on mobile.


Androidsplainin': iPhone haters miss the point again

Who likes being condescended to?!

How low can you go?

Apple should totally get in on that race to the bottom.

google photo sphere dots

Hands-on: Google Photo Sphere Camera for iOS

Google's Photo Spheres have made their way over to iOS, and we've taken the app for a brief spin around the map.

Google may offer accounts for kids, controls for parents

Children's accounts could go legit if Google can satisfy privacy requirements


Same old refrain

Have you guys heard about this market share thing? It's apparently the most important thing ever.


Who wouldn't want an incredibly cheap phone? Oh, people who want their phone to actually do things. Right.

Things might get ontological

Words have meanings. Not that these people know that.

A steady decline

Once again we gather together to document Apple's steady decline into irrelevance.

Missed opportunities

Can't we do better than this?