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Remains of the Day: Robo Jobs vs. the Androids

Apple refutes the recent Android sales numbers, British artist David Hockney takes to sketching on his iPad, and Steve Jobs is fully armed and operational.

Apple makes hardware video decoding available to developers

Apple has finally made hardware-accelerated video decoding available to third-party developers—including Adobe Flash.

Apple releases update for new 15-, 17-inch MacBook Pros

To address last minute issues with graphics hardware, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.3 has just been released for mid-2010 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros.

Spotlight on the MacBook Pro's improved graphics

The new graphics found in the MacBook Pro should make these laptop significantly faster at graphics-intensive tasks, while also increasing battery life.

Apple updates MacBook Pros with Core i5, i7 processors

Apple on Tuesday released an update to its MacBook Pro portable computers, sporting Core i5 and i7 processors and new graphics chips from Nvidia.

GDC: Khronos group unveils OpenGL 4.0 and 3.3

The Khronos group has published the complete specifications for OpenGL 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3 for upcoming and modern graphics hardware.

Apple updates Boot Camp, drivers for Windows 7

Only a few weeks into 2010, Apple has released four updates to address compatibility issues with Windows 7 and better support for new Apple hardware, like the Magic Mouse.

Intel to chip away despite legal issues

Next year will be challenging for Intel as it fends off accusations of monopolistic behavior while trying to establish a larger presence in the mobile and graphics segments.

Firmware update addresses 27-inch iMac flickering

Apple has released graphics firmware for the 27-inch iMac that corrects video-flickering and image corruption problems.

Intel may give Larrabee update in late 2010, analyst says

Intel is likely to give an update on plans for its delayed graphics chip during the third quarter of 2010.