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AMD to cut 1,100 jobs and slash salaries across company

Chip maker AMD will layoff 1,100 workers and cut salaries as tries to reduce costs in a tough economic environment, the company said.

CES: Nvidia closing in on 2 teraflops with graphics card

Nvidia introduced the GTX 295 graphics card, which cranks processing performance close to 2 teraflops.

Intel counters Apple stake in graphics chip company

In response to Apple, Intel upped its stake in the U.K.’s Imagination Technology and said an acquisition bid is possible.

Apple turns money into Imagination

Apple has bought a 4 percent stake in embedded graphics company Imagination Technologies Group, which makes chips for the iPhone.

Nvidia rolls out $3,500 graphics board, not for gamers

Nvidia's latest graphics card offers high performance for professional applications.

Does new Nvidia motherboard offer clue to Mac mini’s future?

Nvidia introduced a desktop variation of the same motherboard now appearing in both the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Apple’s long-neglected Mac mini seems a likely destination for the GeForce 9-Series motherboard.

Benchmarks: The new MacBook and games

The verdict is in: The Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics chip makes the MacBook a capable and affordable action gaming laptop—finally. And the new Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics chip in the MacBook Pro provides a substantial boost over the graphics chip in the previous MacBook Pro.

MacBook benchmarks

The performance gap between the fastest MacBook and the entry-level MacBook Pro has narrowed after the latest round of laptop updates. Macworld Lab has put the new MacBooks through their paces, and James Galbraith breaks down the results of our first benchmark tests.

Nvidia gets graphics win with Apple’s new MacBooks

Striking a blow at chip rivals Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and Intel Corp , Nvidia unveiled its latest graphics chip...

Gaming finally comes to the MacBook

Peter Cohen weighs in on what the presence of Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M graphics will mean for the newly revamped MacBooks introduced by Apple on Tuesday.