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Six connected Blu-ray players for any budget

With Internet streaming picking up steam, Blu-ray players have evolved from simple receptacles for video discs to one of the most convenient ways to add the Internet to your television. After all, as more video entertainment arrives over the Internet, you need an easy way to watch such services (Hulu Plus, Netflix, and others) on your television. Here are six great players to consider.

Lend a holiday helping hand

Traveling home for the holidays? If so, one of the greatest gifts you can bring with you is your technical expertise.

App Guide: Hanukkah apps

Hanukkah begins on December 20. These apps can help you celebrate the Festival of Lights on your iOS device.

Weekly Wrap: App Gems, holiday buying guides, and other jolliness

We have but one goal with the Weekly Wrap: to assemble some of our best stories from the week gone by, so that you can catch up on any stories you might have missed and relive stories you loved.

Twenty-one overlooked iOS accessories

We can't review every iOS accessory we receive, but we don't want to let the good ones go unappreciated. Senior editor Dan Frakes takes a look at some of the year's best under-the-radar add-ons for iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch.


How to make a photo journal in iPhoto

Use iPhoto's book-creation templates to combine your photographs with journal-length text descriptions for the perfect holiday gift.

How to create a perfect holiday playlist

You've packed your iTunes library with enough holiday fare to make it through the holidays. Now, how about organizing that music so that you can always accompany any occasion with the perfect background music?

Buying guide: point-and-shoot cameras

Shopping for someone who likes photography but you don't want to spend a pile of money? Get them a point-and-shoot. But which one? Here's how we'd walk you through the buying process.

App Guide: iPad shopping and catalog apps

Take care of that last-minute shopping from the comfort of your iPad with these shopping and catalog apps.

Buying guide: HDTVs

So you want to buy a new big-screen HDTV for your home. Where do you start? In this HDTV buying guide, we'll break the process down into some simple steps that will help you pinpoint the best HDTV for your needs and budget.