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Buying guide: iPods

Which iPod (or iPhone or iPad) is right for you or the target of your holiday generosity? We run down your options.

Weekly Wrap: The 12 links of (near) Christmas

That tick, tick, ticking you hear is the March of the Impending Holidays. Before the gift-buying, family-visiting, eggnog-sipping chaos reaches a tipping point, take some quiet You time to read over Macworld's weekly roundup of our biggest stories from the past week. This week, we'll do a top 12 list—one for each day of Christmas. (Or, 1.5 for each day of Hannukah; your call.)

Buying guide: Color laser printers

Color laser printers offer great speed and reliability for demanding business and home users. If you’re in the market for one, we’ve got tips on what to look for.

Singing Santa HD for iPhone and iPad

Customize your own videos and greeting cards with this iOS app starring an auto-tuned Santa Claus.

Six iOS apps let you quickly create and send holiday cards

Buying, writing, and finally getting to the post office to send holiday cards to faraway friends and family can take a good chunk of time. With these iOS apps you can create and send cards in no time, and while on the go.

Make the season bright with holiday videos

You can do more than simply reminisce about beloved holiday videos. Many and more of them are available online. Here are a few sources for these treasures.

Buying guide: Multifunction printers

There are lots of issues to consider when purchasing an all-in-one printer. We walk you through the major points.

App Guide: Ebooks for the holidays

These holiday-themed stories can add a festive feel to your iPhone or iPad.

A Charlie Brown Christmas for iPhone and iPad

This iOS ebook is a worthwhile adaptation of the beloved 1965 TV special, though the story really comes to life on the iPad.

Smart gear for new photographers

If you're wondering what to get a newly-initiated shutterbug for the holidays, we have you covered with these handy gadgets, books, and cameras.