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Give a Mac game this holiday season

The holidays are once again in full swing, and what's more festive than loading up the Mac with some fun games? No problem! There is a veritable avalanche of games to choose from, ranging from kid's fare to casual games to challenging action titles.

The best iPad cases you can buy today

Need a protective cover for your new iPad? Here are some of the best cases available right now.

Avoid gift card gotchas this holiday season

If your holiday shopping list includes gift cards for electronic retailers and other stores, here are some simple tips to make sure you're giving -- and receiving -- the most value.


The six apps of Hannukah

Hannukah may last for eight nights, but only these six apps are really worth your time if you want to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

8 great free Mac gifts

If you don't have any money, these gifts might just be right up the alley of that special Mac user in your life.

How to make DVDs as holiday gifts

A DVD (and increasingly, a high-definition Blu-ray disc) is still a near-universal way to share your photos and videos as a holiday gift. Here's how.

Apple posts holiday shipping deadlines

Apple has posted the shipping deadlines for ordering its products to have them arrive by Christmas.

Buying Guide: iPhone 5 cases

To protect your precious iPhone from drops, bumps, and scratches, you’ll want a good-looking case to keep it safe. Here's our guide to the different types of cases out there, along with some recommendations for each.

Holiday Guide: How to buy Apple gear, affordably

It’s the holidays. That special person in your life is a big Apple fan, ready and hopeful for some new gadgets to unwrap. But you’ve got a problem: The bank account isn’t quite as robust as it needs to be to pay full price for an iPhone 5 or the latest Mac. What to do?

How to exclude holiday tracks from genius playlists

Sure, you love "Jingle Bells" now, but how are you going to feel in July when it pops up in a genius playlist? Chris Breen helps ensure that will never happen.