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How to maximize battery life when you travel

If you take an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook along when you travel, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep your device powered up all the time. Here are a few tips for supplementing and extending your gadget's power supply.

Six tablet apps for making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Don't be intimidated by Turkey Day. Turn to these iOS and Android apps for recipe suggestions, menu planning, and cooking assistance for a stress-free Thanksgiving.


Seven tips for pain-free holiday traveling

Travel can be hell. The last thing you want to do is make it worse by overpacking or putting the wrong stuff in your bag. Let Christopher Breen help.

Facebook expands Gifts service with more products

If wishing a Facebook friend on his birthday isn't enough, users can now attach real gifts to their greeting with an expanded gift service that the social networking Web site announced on Thursday.


Buying Guide: iPad cases

A case, bag, or cover can protect your iPad from drops, bumps, and scratches. Here's our guide to the different types, along with recommendations for each.

McAfee: Web users should watch out for holiday scams

Web users and people shopping online during the upcoming holiday season should watch out for a new crop of scams, some of them targeting users of mobile devices, cybersecurity vendor McAfee warned.


AT&T iPad

AT&T deal slashes $100 off tablets with 2-year contract

AT&T is trying to entice tablet shoppers by offering $100 discounts with a two-year data contract. But it's worth considering the cost of a yearly data plan to determine whether this is a deal.


Tablets beat out PCs on holiday shopping lists

Respondents largely opted for tablets over PCs in a survey asking which computer they had on their holiday wish list.


Report: iOS, Android downloads topped 1 billion last week

Analytics firm Flurry contends that 1.2 billion applications were downloaded by iOS and Android users between Christmas and New Year's Day.

How to get rid of old hardware responsibly

Reduce, reuse, recycle all your old gear to make the world a better place.