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Remains of the Day: Irony deficiency

Samsung's strategy revealed! Elsewhere, NORAD goes bing and Apple's happy to tell you all about things that aren't working.

When Back to My Mac won't

So, Back to My Mac takes you nowhere, much less to your Mac? Chris Breen offers two solutions for fixing the problem as one alternative.

Remains of the Day: Executive orders

It's all about the executives: T-Mobile's are hoping to get an early Christmas present that rhymes with shmyShone; Time Warner's wants an Apple TV; and apparently there's nothing Eddy Cue can't fix.

Hands on with iTunes 11

iTunes 11 marks a fairly major revamp of Apple's all-in-one media player/store/syncing software. Senior writer Lex Friedman and senior editor Dan Moren run down what's new and different.

Adding subscribers to your photo streams

Unsure on some of the details regarding sharing photo streams? Chris Breen streams those details from his brain to yours.

How to share family contacts

You have contacts and so does your mate. You'd like them to be available to you both on all your Macs and iOS devices. Chris Breen offers two solutions for making this possible.

How to create shared Reminders with iCloud in Mac OS X 10.8.2

You can use shared Reminders lists to maintain, say, an always-in-sync grocery shopping list with your spouse or roommates. But the option to create such shared lists disappeared from Here's how to create them now.

iCloud: Sharing done wrong

Why does iCloud have to make it so cumbersome to share files between apps and people? Dan Moren thinks that it's time Apple made a push to share and share alike.

Apple extends iCloud storage upgrades

The complimentary storage extension for old MobileMe customers, which was supposed to end in September, has been extended by one year.

The five key decisions Apple must make

A year after the transition from founder Steve Jobs to successor Tim Cook, Apple is still thriving. But it can't coast. Here are the five questions the company must answer as it faces the years to come.