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From the Lab: Comparing new iMacs to older models

When Apple releases new hardware, it’s usually not owners of the previous models that are looking to upgrade—rather, it’s people who own older systems. With that in mind, Macworld Lab compares the test results for the latest iMacs to some older models, including a Core Duo-based iMac and an iMac G5.

Mac shopping advice

Once you've picked which Mac you want to buy, there are still some important decisions left. Namely, where to purchase it, and what else you need to consider adding beyond what comes standard in the box.

How Psystar’s computer measures up to a Mac

The Open Computer, an Intel-based machine capable of running OS X, can outperform a Mac mini. But it lagged behind the entry-level iMac as well as a home-built system in our benchmark testing.

Improved iMac graphics won’t matter to gamers

The graphics options available for the new 24-inch iMac are impressive, Peter Cohen says. But they’re unlikely to cause gamers to embrace either the updated desktop or the Mac platform.

The new rules for buying a Mac

The world has a lot of unwritten rules: In social etiquette. In baseball. And in buying computers. For years, we have unquestioningly followed numerous unwritten rules when buying a Mac. Like many customs, these rules were once based on a foundation of facts and reason. But in the past few years, many longstanding Mac truths have been upended.

Mac buying advice

Hardware takes center stage in this edition of the Macworld Podcast, as we discuss buying advice for the Mac and get an up-close look at Psystar’s OS X-compatible Open Computer.

Review: 20- and 24-Inch Aluminum iMacs (2008 Edition)

Apple's new crop of iMacs get a speed bump.

The iMac turns 10

When was the last time Macworld didn't pay close attention to an Apple product launch? Ten years ago.

From the Lab: Penryn iMacs show promise

Macworld Lab has begun testing the new iMacs released Monday, and we’ve got results for the entry-level 2.4GHz model as well as the build-to-order 3.06GHz machine.

Lab-testing the Frankenmac clone

Macworld Lab gauges the performance of Rob Griffiths's hand-built Mac clone.