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New iMac has a need for speed

Dan Moren takes a closer look at what the changes to Apple’s iMac offerings will mean to that desktop’s performance.

Apple posts graphics firmware update for iMacs

Apple has released a 1.0.1 firmware update for iMacs equipped with Radeon HD 2400 XT and Radeon HD 2600 Pro-equipped iMacs.

Apple updates iMac with faster processor, graphics options

Apple updated its iMac line with faster processors, as well as offering new build-to-order options.

Psystar office exists, but not yet open to the public

Psystar is open for business, but not ready to welcome public into its new offices.

Psystar pay processor alleges it was misled on clone sales

A credit card payment processor terminated the account of the Miami company advertising Mac clones because the computer seller misrepresented what it would sell and failed to properly verify credit cards, the processor's CEO said Friday.

The $2,500 solution

Jason Snell comes to the shocking realization that the rules for buying a new Mac have changed.

Interest in Psystar shows market for gaming Mac

The interest in a PC-based Mac clone tells Peter Cohen that there’s a need for a mid-range computer that could fill the void Mac gamers have felt for years.

Apple releases a slew of firmware updates

Apple released six firmware updates for its MacBook products and a few other products.

Analysis: Despite Intel’s openness, Apple keeps us guessing

Intel keeps everyone well informed about its processor plans. Rik Myslewski looks at some recent chip announcements from Apple’s sole processor supplier and how they might affect the Mac market.

Where’s the desktop love?

The MacBook and MacBook Pro have seen recent updates with Intel’s Penryn processor. Jonathan Seff wonders when a new iMac is coming.