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Remains of the Day: To Siri, with love

One site delves deep into Siri's sordid past, iOS's Maps is keeping folks away from a trendy eating establishment, and a hot new iPhone app is all in the Apple family.

iPhone hackers hint at progress towards iOS 6 jailbreak

Two iPhone hackers hinted they're making progress towards developing a new jailbreak for the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system.


Limiting your kids' iOS use

Cool as iOS devices are, they can get in the way of more important activities. Chris Breen offers advice on limiting their Internet access.

How to temporarily mute notifications on iOS

Lex Friedman complained about iOS 6's lack of a systemwide mute switch for notifications. Since then, he's discovered a couple sort-of workarounds.

Needed: a mute switch for iOS notifications

Notifications are a way of life on iOS. But sometimes, you want to silence all those alerts while you keep using your iPhone or iPad, and Do Not Disturb doesn't help in that situation. Lex Friedman says that the missing mute switch presents more than just an annoyance.

Apple's fix for Do Not Disturb 2013 woes: Wait until Jan 7

Scheduled Do Not Disturb windows for iOS devices broke in 2013. Apple says they'll be fixed by January 7.

iOS Do Not Disturb feature oversleeps on New Year’s Day

The Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6 goes the extra mile on New Year's Day to make sure you get all the sleep you need.

Video: Apple's year in review

IDG News Service looks back at a year of highs and lows for Apple.

2012 in review: The year in iOS

2012 was a big year for iOS, with software updates, new hardware, an Apple apology, and plenty of other significant developments.

Remains of the Day: The war at home

Apple, Microsoft, and Google's battle for the home has begun in earnest; elsewhere, Apple's in a non-patentable pinch, Passbook is passing go, and you could have been reading this in Apple Freedom.