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Wirelessly browse your Mac's files from your iOS device

Care to move a file on the Mac downstairs to the iPad on the third floor? No need to sync when a simple utility makes the job a snap. Chris Breen explains.

Why Google Maps for iPhone is good for Apple

Google Maps arrived in the App Store this week. Lex Friedman makes the case that Apple is surely delighted.

Google Maps arrives in App Store

Google late Wednesday arrived in the App Store, as a fully viable alternative to Apple's Maps app.

A few fundamental iOS 6 complaints

iOS 6 is good. But Senior Writer Lex Friedman finds that Apple's chief competitors are offering up some seriously appealing alternatives to certain features, and other iOS failings have hung around for years. Here are his primary complaints.

Report: Google set to release iOS Maps app

Google plans to release a standalone iOS Maps app late on Wednesday, according to All Things D.

Remains of the Day: The land of Oz

Apple's Australian mapping missteps get traced back to a surprising source, the iPhone 5 is the year's best gadget, and Google's head honcho says that Apple and his company's relationship is probably best described as "It's Complicated."

Find My iPhone update brings direction support

Apple's added direction support to Find My iPhone, letting users plot the best route to their misplaced iOS device.

Australian police warn against using Apple Maps application

Australian police are warning people not to rely on Apple's new mobile mapping application after several motorists ended up in a semi-arid national park where temperatures can reach 115F (46C) and there is no water supply.

Sonos updates iOS app to stream Music app's content

Sonos has released an update to its iOS app that allows you to stream content in the iTunes library of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Sonos audio devices.

Playing podcasts in iOS 6's Music app

Thanks to Apple's Podcasts and iTunes U apps, you should now be playing podcasts and iTunes content in these apps, respectively. But there's a workaround to keep them in the Music app. Chris Breen explains.