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Introducing Macworld's iPad Mini Starter Guide

The iPad mini, Apple’s newest device, is very much an iPad. But it’s also a device all its own, which is why we're proud to announce the 47th book in our Superguide series, Macworld's iPad Mini Starter Guide.

Remains of the Day: Executive orders

It's all about the executives: T-Mobile's are hoping to get an early Christmas present that rhymes with shmyShone; Time Warner's wants an Apple TV; and apparently there's nothing Eddy Cue can't fix.

Remains of the Day: Road to nowhere

Apple's map manager gets shown the door (accurately, we hope), Siri will soon do everything but drive your car (thankfully), and one user dreams of the Apple TV (that will never be).

Looking for disruption? It’s staring you in the face, bub

Believe Apple has lost its ability to disrupt existing technologies? Chris Breen suggests that Apple is engaged in one of the most difficult disruptions in its history--overturning its own legacy.

Bugs & Fixes: Texting fails for just one person

While Ted Landau can text just about anyone, texting fails with a single individual. He explores potential solutions in this installment of Bugs & Fixes.

Mobile maps showdown

Google, Apple, and Microsoft each offer a distinctive take on finding locations with your phone, but which service is the best?


Remains of the Day: Turn, turn, turn

Google gets ready to turn over a new leaf with Maps for iOS, Apple may be the only tech company legally able to bring you page turners, and Nintendo turns to iOS apps with in-app purchase.

Remains of the Day: Out of control

Thieves rip off iPad minis, new iMacs may not be holding together, and iOS 6 is going hog-wild downloading podcasts.

AT&T to expand FaceTime over cellular access to tiered LTE customers

AT&T announced on Thursday that it plans to expand access to iOS 6's FaceTime over cellular feature to its tiered LTE customers.

Google Maps usage in China plummets with Apple iOS upgrade

Google's mobile maps product saw its market share in China decline by close to 50 percent in the third quarter due to Apple switching to its own maps product for its iOS 6 upgrade, according to a Beijing-based research firm.