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Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 with bug fixes, improvements

Apple on Thursday released the iOS 6.0.1, the first update to the latest version of its mobile operating system. The release patches a handful of bugs and makes a few other improvements.

Remains of the Day: Turn on the lights

A Steve Jobs creation sets sail, Scott Forstall isn't sorry one bit, and you'll soon be able to buy lightbulbs at your local Apple Store.

The Macalope Daily: Lazy Pundits and the Temple of Doom

The "Apple is a religion" argument just gets dumber as time goes on.

Live Blog: Apple's More to Show event

Apple will hold a press briefing on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. PT. Jason Snell and Dan Moren will be on hand as the company unveils its latest creation.

The Macalope Daily: Yes and no

Is Windows 8 just like XP? Kinda sorta but not exactly.

One month in, iOS 6's Passbook barely passes go

It's been a month since Apple's new Passbook feature hit the streets, but Dan Moren thinks the feature still needs some time in the oven.

Mobile map usage jumps, cutting into desktop use

People are forgoing desktop services in favor of competing apps on their smartphones


The Macalope Daily: Inexplicable Apple rage syndrome

You want to get edgy, Salon? OK, let's get edgy.

The Macalope Daily: Zombie media

How else to explain Forbes?

Survey: Maps controversy has no impact on iPhone 5 demand

Market-research firm ChangeWave says that demand for the iPhone 5 is much higher than it was a year ago for the iPhone 4S. The survey also found that few iPhone 5 and iOS 6 users consider the redesigned Maps app to be a major problem, and that it's not dissuading people from wanting to upgrade to Apple's latest smartphone.