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My day with Siri

Staff writer Lex Friedman spends more time than ever with Siri, thanks to the improvements in iOS 6. But despite its many strengths, it still isn't perfect.

Deleting Music app tracks under iOS 6

Despite appearances that suggest otherwise, it is possible to delete local tracks in iOS 6's Music app. Chris Breen explains how.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 review, iOS 6 annoyances, and a Tim Cook Maps apology

This week, we reviewed the new iPhone 5, solved all sorts of annoyances in iOS 6 and elsewhere, and covered a humble Maps apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iOS 6

Ted Landau details some iOS 6 glitches.

Google may be pushing Street View to mobile Safari

iPhone users frustrated with the inaccuracies in iOS 6's Maps app might get another choice for finding where they want to go from rival Google, which is expected to make Street View available on the iPhone in the coming weeks.

Reviewing the iPhone 5

Jason Snell has spent some time with Apple's new phone and joins the Macworld Podcast to give his verdict on the iPhone 5.

Introducing Macworld's iOS 6 Upgrade Guide

iOS 6 has hit the stage. Let the editors at Macworld help you upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with this step-by-step guide, available for $3.99.

How to report problems in iOS 6's Maps

iOS 6's new Maps app has gotten short shrift, but if you want to help it get better, Dan Moren shows you how.

How to clean up Facebook updates in iOS 6 Contacts

The new Facebook integration in iOS 6 can leave your address book feeling overstuffed. Luckily, there's a simple--if not very obvious--fix.

Troubled Apple Maps app sparks attack ad from Google's Motorola

Motorola Mobility, a division of Google, has created an ad that mocks the troubled Apple Maps application in iOS 6.