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Apple: Five million iPhone 5 sales, 100 million iOS 6 upgrades

Apple on Monday announced that iPhone 5 sales had topped five million, and that more than 100 million devices have been upgraded to iOS 6.

8 things that (still) bug us in iOS 6

Sure, iOS 6 is a nice upgrade. But it didn't fix a bunch of things that irritated us in earlier versions of the mobile OS. Here's our bug list.

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Hands on with iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Apple likes to unleash an avalanche of news when it can. That might not be a strong enough Mother Nature-based analogy -- It's more like a News Tornado. Whatever you call it, this was a week that saw the introduction of the iPhone 5, iOS 6, and Mac OS X 10.8.2.

Lab Tests: iPhone 5 leaves old iPhones in the dust

Macworld Lab ran benchmarks on the new iPhone 5. The results a very impressive.

Starbucks to support Passbook in iOS 6 by end of September

Starbucks said Friday it will update Passbook in iOS 6 at the end of September, presumably meaning it will integrate its existing Starbucks digital payment card into the new mobile app from Apple.

Get started with the iPhone 5

Congratulations, you've just gotten an iPhone 5. Let us help you set it up, transfer data from your old phone, and get you playing with all its new features.

Apple on iOS 6 Maps: 'The more people use it, the better it will get'

Apple late Thursday commented on the brewing brouhaha surrounding its Maps app in iOS 6.

The Buzz: What they're saying about iOS 6

Wednesday's launch of iOS 6 sent Apple fans into a online frenzy. Here's what they were saying on blogs and on Twitter.

Passbook steps up to the plate with MLB support

Even though iOS 6 just dropped, MLB has already integrated with the Passbook ticketing system.

Opinion: iOS 6 Maps is great, and it's not

In our review, we heaped praise on iOS 6's new Maps app. Not everyone feels the same way. Both sides are right.