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If you get a "Can't connect to iTunes Store" error in Passbook, there's an easy fix.

Hands on with iOS 6: Settings

Many changes in iOS 6 are squirreled away in the Settings app--if, like most users, you don’t delve into Settings, you’ll miss some great new features. Here’s a look at the changes to this important-but-overlooked app.

The Macalope Daily: Estranged bedfellows

You know who gets hurt when giant tech companies fight? The kids. Sniff.

Hands on with iOS 6: Social and sharing

iOS 6 offers integration with Facebook and tools for sharing all kinds of stuff.

Hands on with iOS 6: Safari

In iOS 6, Apple adds a few features to Safari that provide much-requested functionality, as well as some minor tweaks that improve performance. Senior Editor Dan Frakes takes a look.

Hands on with iOS 6: Mail

Mail didn't get the dramatic upgrades that, say, Maps did. But it does have some welcome new tools that will make you more productive.

Hands on with iOS 6: Music

Senior Editor Chris Breen takes a close-up look at Apple's Music app in iOS 6.

Three surprising ways iOS 6 can boost your productivity

There's more to Apple's new operating system than just a fancy new maps app. Find out how it can help you sail through your workday.

Macworld Podcast: iOS 6 arrives

In this week's podcast, Dan Moren and Serenity Caldwell join host Chris Breen to discuss the just-released iOS 6.

Hands on with updated Find My Friends and Find My iPhone

As part of Apple's release day onslaught, its two location-based iOS apps have been updated--and what nice updates they are.