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Fill your home with holiday music

It's the time of year when the sound emanating from our speakers contains more sleigh bells than usual. Learn how to configure your home for holiday music as well as find sources for it.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iTunes 11

Ted Landau offers tips for troubleshooting the latest release of iTunes.

Review: Apple's Remote app gets a new iPad interface, support for Up Next

The third version of Apple's iTunes and Apple TV controller may be the nicest yet, thanks to interface improvements and support for new iTunes 11 features.

Remains of the Day: Rumor, rumor on the wall

Begun, these iPhone rumors have. Elsewhere, Apple's radio service isn't getting play time from record labels, Eric Schmidt's got a head-scratcher, and Apple's getting greener (and not with envy).

Sonos updates iOS app to stream Music app's content

Sonos has released an update to its iOS app that allows you to stream content in the iTunes library of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to your Sonos audio devices.

The ups and downs of iTunes 11

Macworld's Ask The iTunes Guy Kirk McElhearn joins podcast host Chris Breen to discuss Kirk's experiences with iTunes 11.

Playing podcasts in iOS 6's Music app

Thanks to Apple's Podcasts and iTunes U apps, you should now be playing podcasts and iTunes content in these apps, respectively. But there's a workaround to keep them in the Music app. Chris Breen explains.

Review: iTunes 11 adds cool features, but can be jarring to longtime users

iTunes 11 brings cool new features such as Up Next, a refreshed interface, and an improved MiniPlayer. But longtime users may find the changes (and some omissions) a bit disconcerting.

How to exclude holiday tracks from genius playlists

Sure, you love "Jingle Bells" now, but how are you going to feel in July when it pops up in a genius playlist? Chris Breen helps ensure that will never happen.

Home Sharing, tag editing, iTunes U, and more

In this week's column, we look at five very different questions. Read about sharing your iTunes library at home and splitting it when two people part ways. Find out how to add descriptions to TV episodes, sort iTunes U course and listen to podcasts on your Mac at different speeds.