Don't-Miss Stories

eMusic comes to Canada

eMusic, the indie-focused online music download service, has gone to Canada.

1,000 rentals? iTunes finally makes it

63 days after the deadline, the Store finally delivers 1,000 movie rentals.

BBC sees strong sales through iTunes Store

The BBC is off to an incredibly strong start as it begins selling selected TV shows through iTunes in the U.S.

BBC America content comes to U.S. iTunes Store

BBC America has begun selling TV programs through the U.S. iTunes Store, including Torchwood, Little Britain and Robin Hood.

The iTunes Store: Five years and $2,315.60 later

Here's how I spent the last five years (and nearly 2,500 smackers) at the iTunes Store.

Underwhelmed by iPod gaming

In which I ask for iPod gaming advice from Macworld's Game Master.

Sony to buy Gracenote music data company

Sony is paying $260 million for the company whose software identifies digital music files and whose customers include iTunes.

This, that, and the iTunes Store

Apple has been quietly tweaking the iTunes Store. Here are some changes you might not have noticed.

iTunes and NBC's views

NBC Universal longs for strict anti-piracy measures and control over prices. Gosh, that sure worked out well for the music industry.

U.K. retailer Tesco takes on iTunes

The U.K. retail giant plans to launch its own DRM-free music download service.