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eMusic CEO disputes Amazon MP3 ‘number two’ report

eMusic's CEO takes umbrage with a recent USA Today report that claims's MP3 store is number two behind the iTunes Store, and says his store is really number two.

Starz, Manga Entertainment come to iTunes

Starz and Manga Entertainment programming is now available for purchase and download through the iTunes Store.

Apple’s e-mail to iTunes Season Pass subscribers

Apple has sent out its e-mail to iTunes Season Pass holders affected by the recent writers strike, and it contains more specifics on the company’s plan to offer free episodes and refunds for unaired episodes.

iTunes subscribers finally get their answer

Apple was right to give iTunes Season Pass subscribers free downloads and store credits for subscriptions affected by the writers strike. But it was wrong to keep subscribers in the dark for as long as it did.

Speaking of subscriptions

Who says music subscription services are poison?

Report: Apple considering subscription-based music model

The Financial Times reports that Apple is in talks with record labels about offering customers unlimited access to the iTunes music library in exchange for paying a premium on iPod or iPhone purchases.

Apple to credit iTunes Season Pass holders

Apple has confirmed that it will offer two free episodes for subscribers to compensate them for the Hollywood writers strike. In addition, you could be getting some money back if your Season Pass doesn't finish its season.

Rent or buy, you decide

If you had the power to decide which movies were available for rent or purchase at the iTunes Store, how would you slice it? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Apple now No. 2 music retailer in the U.S.

Apple has moved up the ranks, grabbing the number two music retailer spot in the U.S. A new report also shows that a greater number of youths are moving to peer-to-peer file sharing and abandoning CDs.

Analysts: Apple brand benefits from Idol deal

The partnership unveiled between Fox’s American Idol TV show and Apple figures to give Apple more content for its iTunes Store as well as more exposure for its music brands, analysts say.