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Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard

If you're considering an iPad keyboard case, the Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard is a unique option that offers a much better experience than the iPad’s onscreen keyboard when you need to do serious typing. However, the Zaggmate's keys are small and cramped, it doesn’t offer the all-over protection of most other keyboard cases, and its metal edges require good typing form.

Twelve South unites your Apple Keyboard, Magic Trackpad

Tired of your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad roaming free on your desk? Twelve South has released a simple accessory that can unite them for use at your desk or on your lap.

Dvorak keyboard now available for PC and the Mac

Matias has released a hardware Dvorak keyboard that can be used on a Mac or a PC.

Change the name of keyboard layouts

If you use OS X's alternative keyboard layouts, you know they can be cumbersome to to work with. But it's possible to edit those names so they're more manageable.

iCapsule offers low-power keyboard for iPad

The $100 iCapsule is an integrated Bluetooth keyboard that snaps shut into a 2.2-pound clamshell carrying case for the iPad.

Expo Notes: Keyboard offers larger print for easy typing

Logickeyboard demos its large print Apple keyboard.

Expo Remainders: Keyboards, multimedia, and iPad mounts, oh my!

Macworld 2011 got under way Thursday in San Francisco, bringing a steady flow of product announcements from the 250 vendors on hand. Here are a few products that grabbed our attention, ranging from keyboard protection to better ways to watch movies at home.

Expo Notes: SMK-Link shows off compact keyboard prototype

Mac users with a Mac mini-based home entertainment system may appreciate the upcoming Ultra Mini Keyboard for Mac. It's a compact input device that connects to your Mac via RF.

Macworld at CES: More standout gear

After a couple more days wandering CES, we stop to take another look at a few products that were especially interesting or useful.

LMP to reunite Apple wireless keyboard with numeric keypad

LMP's Bluetooth Keypad, which was just passed through the FCC, brings numerical redemption to your wireless keyboard.