Don't-Miss Stories

Logitech announces three new gaming peripherals

Logitech has announced three new gaming peripherals that could help give you a competitive edge in the online playing field.

WaterField Designs releases two Mac keyboard cases

WaterField Designs has released two protective cases for the aluminum wireless Mac keyboard. 2 Port Professional USB DisplayPort KVM Switch with Hotkey Control

StarTech’s 2 Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it for professionals who need a flawless solution for connecting two computers to a high-end monitor without constantly switching cables.

Remains of the Day: Zuck gets an iPhone

A Chinese developer gets a brand new iPad and an e-mail from Steve Jobs, Apple reverses course on an App Store removal, and the iPad modding contest may have a winner. It's the remainders for June 14, 2010.

Keyboard Upgrade app offers iPad keyboard options

Does the iPad's keyboard feel too wide for thumb typing, and not flexible enough to one-hand it? Keyboard Upgrade, though handicapped by Apple's limitations on iPhone OS, offers a creative typing solution.

Avoid iPad lockouts when using Bluetooth keyboards

If you're using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad, and you've assigned a security passcode, you could end up locking out yourself accidentally.

Typing on the iPad

One of the biggest questions about the iPad is how well you can type on it. Dan Moren explores the trials and tribulations of typing on Apple's portable device.

iPad Camera Connection Kit connects other things, too

Apple's iPad Camera Connector Kit found its way into our hands, and we've confirmed that it can be used for several tasks beyond just connecting your camera.

iPad Keyboard Dock or Bluetooth keyboard?

The iPad lets you use either Apple's Keyboard Dock or a Bluetooth keyboard for extended typing sessions. Which should you choose?

The iPad and accessories: What you need to know

iPad owners and potential purchasers are surely wondering if their current iPhone and iPod accessories are compatible with Apple's latest gadget, and what new accessories they'll need. We've spent the past few days testing the iPad with every cord, cable, and plug we could get our hands on; here's what you need to know about the iPad and accessories.