Don't-Miss Stories

Easily type accented characters

There's an easier way to type characters with diacriticals than remembering obscure key combinations or opening Keyboard Viewer.

Matias Tactile Pro 3

Matias' TactilePro 3 harkens back to the days of the old Apple Extended keyboards—keyboards that feel great but may come as a shock to those accustomed to today's keyboards.

Macworld 2010: Keyboard tools

Everyone wants to work faster. In this video, Jackie Dove looks at a pair of products from the show floor that can help you work more efficiently with your keyboard. We’ll look at iKeysToGo for the iPhone and KB Covers’ new OS X Shortcuts Keyboard Cover for Mac notebooks.

Touch Mouse turns your iPhone into a wireless trackpad

Touch Mouse turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad or keyboard, letting you point, click, scroll and type in any application from the comfort of your couch. Oh, and it's free.

The iPad is cool -- but where's the Dvorak keyboard?

As impressed as Kirk McElhearn is with the newly unveiled iPad, it's missing one feature that he desperately longs to see.

Apple releases keyboard firmware update

Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 improves battery performance of Apple's aluminum wireless keyboard when it's used with another Bluetooth device and tackles an issue where a key might repeat unexpectedly.

Apple updates Boot Camp, drivers for Windows 7

Only a few weeks into 2010, Apple has released four updates to address compatibility issues with Windows 7 and better support for new Apple hardware, like the Magic Mouse.

Inconsistent Home and End shortcut keys

Even if you know the keyboard shortcuts for the Home and End keys on a MacBook, they won't help you in all applications.

Apple's mythical tablet: the text's the thing

Rumors about Apple's forthcoming tablet device continue to swirl, but Dan Moren wonders specifically how you're going to enter text on it?

Microsoft Arc Keyboard is flat and curvy

Drawing upon the design aesthetic of its Arc Mouse, Microsoft at CES has unveiled the Arc Keyboard, a stylish and compact wireless keyboard.