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Why and when the iPad is the best e-reader

There are many ways to read a book. Joel Mathis argues that you ought to cater your device choice to the kind of reading you're doing. And that, at the end of the day, there's a clear best choice.

Amazon warns users not to install current version of the Kindle app for iOS

A bug wipes out your books in the Kindle app for iOS.

Send more than ebooks to Kindle devices and apps

In a recent video, Chris Breen showed you how to sync ebooks with your Kindle devices and apps, but you can sync other documents as well.

Syncing books to Kindle devices and apps

Ebooks you obtain from sources other than Amazon don't sync between Amazon devices unless you know the trick Chris Breen offers in this video.

The Macalope Daily: All kinds of winning

Numbers don't lie, people.

The Macalope Daily: Business model misunderstanding

Pundits, try to think these things through before you start typing.

Citrix lets users access PCs and Macs from Kindle Fire

Citrix Systems has released an enhanced GoToMyPC app for Android devices allowing anyone with an Android phone or tablet, including Amazon's Kindle Fire family, to access their Internet-connected Mac or PC over a mobile network.


Syncing all books to Kindle apps and devices

The ebooks you purchase from Amazon sync perfectly with other Kindle devices. Why not those books you sideload? Chris Breen provides the solution.