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Gear Guide, part three: Gear for the mobile

Getting up and going can be complex in the digital age. But don’t fret-in the third part of our Winter Gear Guide, we’ve got you covered with mobile gear that will keep you connected, organized, and powered up.

Booq Mamba Pack

Booq's Mamba Pack offers lots of capacity and extra padding.

Laptop bags for the ladies

Today Mobile Mac covers two laptop bags designed with women in mind; one's a head turner and the other a back saver.

Tom Bihn Zephyr

Tom Bihn's Zephyr is attractive and well-made, but you pay for that quality. It's best-suited for those with specific organizational needs.

‘Checkpoint friendly’ laptop bags explained

Heard about the TSA's new rules on checkpoint-friendly laptop bags? Wonder what they mean and whether your bag qualifies? This week's Mobile Mac gives you the lowdown.

Brenthaven Trek Sleeve

Looking for good laptop protection on the cheap? Brenthaven's Trek Sleeve, an updated version of last year's MacBook Sleeve, offers similarly impressive bang-for-the-buck.

Tom Bihn offers 'checkpoint friendly' laptop bag

Tom Bihn has developed a new "checkpoint friendly" laptop bag designed to get in you in and out of TSA security as fast as possible.

Stay-at-home mobile accessories

Most laptop gear is designed to enhance your mobile life, but what about all those hours you spend using your portable at home? Today’s Mobile Mac takes a look at a couple laptop accessories for your humble abode.

MacBook Air shells and sleeves

Dan Frakes takes a look at thin protection for the MacBook Air, in the form of form-fitting sleeves and hard-shell covers.

Marware offers more Sportfolio bags for MacBook Air

Marware is expanding its line of Sportfolio bags for the MacBook Air with two new offerings.