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Review: Five iPad bags and packs

We review five messenger-style bags designed to help you carry your iPad and some extras.

Tom Bihn Ristretto for iPad

Striking a good, accommodating balance between the iPad's compact size and traditional dead-tree media, Tom Bihn's Ristretto is a quality vertical messenger bag with room to bring just about everything you need.

Padster Bags Padster

A premium iPad messenger case aimed squarely at professionals and the fashion-obsessed, the Padster spares no style expense and provides ample storage for extras.

STM Scout Extra Small Laptop Shoulder Bag

STM's Scout Extra Small Laptop Shoulder Bag is well-built, but since it was originally designed for comparatively thicker netbooks, its main compartment is too deep for an iPad. It also suffers from some odd design choices.

Skooba Design Netbook/iPad Messenger bag

The Skooba Design Netbook/iPad Messenger is a surprisingly well-proportioned bag with impressive construction for a product at this price.

STM Extra Small iPad Shoulder Bag

If you need only the bare essentials when taking your iPad on-the-go, the STM Micro Extra Small iPad Shoulder Bag is a good option.

Mobilis Netcase

The Netcase is a solid choice for anyone looking for additional laptop protection without the extra bulk or weight. The weatherproof design looks and feels durable, while the styling is business-like and neutral.

Mobilis Skin

The Skin cover isn't the most protective or attractive of laptop bags on the market, but it does feel solid despite the light and compact design.

Isis Dei Riviera Bleu

Laptop sleeve adds just the right amount of bling for your 15-inch MacBook Pro

The iPad and accessories: What you need to know

iPad owners and potential purchasers are surely wondering if their current iPhone and iPod accessories are compatible with Apple's latest gadget, and what new accessories they'll need. We've spent the past few days testing the iPad with every cord, cable, and plug we could get our hands on; here's what you need to know about the iPad and accessories.