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Just Mobile UpStand for iPad

Just Mobile's UpStand isn't inexpensive, but it's attractive, functional, and lightweight. The stand works well for viewing your iPad in landscape or portrait orientation, though thanks to its single viewing angle and raised position, you'll need an external keyboard if you plan on doing even a moderate amount of typing.

M-Edge FlexStand for iPad is a light and flexible stand

The FlexStand for iPad is a lightweight and flexible iPad stand that holds your tablet snugly but is easy to manipulate. If you don't use an iPad case, or if you don't mind removing it to use the stand, the FlexStand is a versatile, well-designed, and inexpensive product.

Heckler Design @Rest for iPad

The @Rest for iPad is a versatile, heavy-duty stand for the iPad and iPad 2. It's not designed to be portable, but as a desktop stand that's rugged enough for a commercial environment and decorative enough for your home, it can serve a multitude of purposes.

Macessity KiiPad

For using an external keyboard with your iPad on your desk or at a counter, the KiiPad stands out for its solid-steel construction, super-stable cradle, and stow-the-keyboard design. Provided you aren't bothered by its low-to-the-desk viewing position, it's a nice option for those who frequently use an external keyboard with an iPad.

The Week in iOS Accessories: On the road again!

This week's roundup of iOS accessories lets you take to the air, keep your hands warm, and make sure your iPhone, iPad, and iPod have all the power they need.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Stop. Look. Listen.

Stop. Look. Listen. This week's roundup of iOS accessories allows you to do all those things and more. Here are some of the accessories that have popped up on our radar recently.

Reviewed: Five iPad accessories for your lap

One of the most popular places to use the iPad is on your lap. We took a look at a number of accessories aimed at making this lap time more comfortable for both you and your iPad.

Review: Six desktop iPad stands

Perhaps more than any other Apple i-device, the iPad cries out for some sort of stand. Whether you're viewing video and photos hands-free, typing the next great American novella, or just keeping your iPad secure when charging and syncing, a stand is a useful add-on. We've added to our collection of stand reviews by taking a look at the Bweasel, the Fellowes Study Stand, Joby's GorillaMobile Ori, Rain Design's iRest, Tango's Vue-console, and Ultra Impact's iPad Stand.

The Week in iPad 2 Accessories: Gear for typing and viewing

The iPad 2 is off to another blazing start for Apple, which means the trickle of accessories for the new device should soon grow to a steady river. Here are some of the week's newly announced add-ons for gussying up Apple's latest tablet.

Henge Docks Docking Station for MacBook & MacBook Pro

Got a MacBook but miss the big screen, small footprint, and cable organization of an iMac? Henge Docks' laptop Docking Station can get you there with style and sturdiness...and a few screws.