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A Halloween treat for Linux and Mac users: CrossOver is free today

Now available with 12 months of support, this software lets Windows apps run on other platforms.


Google's Chrome Remote Desktop sheds beta tag, adds new features

Google peeled off the beta tag from Chrome Remote Desktop, a free Chrome browser-add on that gives you full access to another desktop PC running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.


Researchers: Steam URL protocol can be abused to exploit game vulnerabilities

Attackers can trick gamers into opening malicious steam:// URLs that exploit security issues in games to execute malicious code.

HP releases two beta versions of open-source webOS

Hewlett-Packard has released two beta versions of its open source webOS -- one for developers that runs on the Ubuntu Linux desktop, and one intended to help developers port webOS to new devices

The Macalope Weekly: Are you crazy?

If you can think of another explanation for these pundits and analysts, the Macalope is all horns and ears.

DTerm 1.5

If you frequently use Terminal, check out DTerm, a nifty utility that provides instant access to a Terminal-like shell interface from within whatever application you're currently using.

The Macalope: Weekend ruined

PCWorld's Katherine Noyes runs off the rails. Again.

Parallels: Run Windows, Linux servers on Mac mini

Company that lets you run Windows on your Mac now lets your run Windows (and Linux) server OSes on a Mac mini.

The Macalope Weekly: Enthusiasms

Everybody's enthusiastic about something, whether it be Windows Phone 7, Android, or, in the Macalope's case, a good old-fashioned pundit smackdown.

Looking back at OS X's origins

It's safe to say a large part of Apple's strong performance over the past decade has been powered by its switch to OS X. Ten years to the day that the public beta of the new OS debuted, Benj Edwards takes a closer look at the story behind Apple's operating system.