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Runtime Revolution 4.0 offers new Web-authoring option

The latest version of this cross-platform software-creation environment allows developers to deploy apps directly to the Web.

Looking at the changes to Snow Leopard's top command

Learn about some key changes to the Unix 'top' command in Snow Leopard

First Look: VMware Fusion 3

VMware Fusion3 brings better overall performance and a number of major new features to the virtualization app. Fusion now supports "Aero" 3D effects in Windows 7 and Vista, improves 3D graphics performance, and includes full Snow Leopard support.

See which processes are using the Internet

Use Terminal to see which processes are using your Internet connection

Unix turns 40: The past, present and future of the OS

Unix was created 40 years ago this summer. Computerworld looks back on what some have said is one of the most important pieces of software ever created.

Chrome OS may fail even as it changes computing forever

Google may not care if Chrome OS succeeds or fails, PC World’s Tom Spring says.

Intel is working with Google on Chrome OS

Intel says it is on board with Google's Chrome OS project.

An easy way to get the newest Chromium build

A combination of a shell script and Automator application can be used to simplify the task of upgrading to the latest Chromium build.

Capture output of certain Unix commands

Learn how to capture the output of certain Unix commands to the clipboard.

Simplify Terminal directory listings

Rob Griffiths shares a few Unix tips to simplify the output of the 'ls' directory listing command. Also, we point the way to additional Unix tips.