Don't-Miss Stories

Share any folder via a built-in Web server

Use a hidden built-in Web server to quickly and easily share any folder of files via a Web browser.

A look at GeekTool

Rob Grififths takes you on a tour of GeekTool, a free system utility that lets you display images, text files, and the output of Unix commands on your desktop.

Play chess old school style

Chess needs a GUI? I think not; learn how to play it in Terminal.

Bugs & Fixes: A potentially risky Finder permissions command

The Get Info window's "Apply to enclosed items" command seems potentially useful, but it has quirks that make it potentially quite dangerous.

The Macalope Weekly: It's go time with Microsoft

Microsoft being to Mac users as the Empire is to the Rebellion, the Macalope devotes this week's entire column to Redmond's latest shenanigans.

Securely erase free space from Terminal

Learn how to use Terminal to securely erase free drive space.

Eight years and counting

In recognition of OS X's eighth birthday, Rob Griffiths takes a look at eight of his favorite OS X features.

VirtualBox 2.1.4

An updated review of VirtualBox, based on two new features introduced in version 2.1.

Disable Screen Sharing’s lack-of-encryption warning

When you use Screen Sharing to connect to a host that doesn’t speak Screen Sharing’s encryption language, you’ll see a warning before the connection occurs. Learn how to disable the warning.

VMware Fusion imports Parallels Desktop 4 virtual machines

VMware has released Fusion 2.0.2, with important changes including the ability to import virtual machines from Parallels Desktop 4.