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EVE Online gives up Linux, but Mac support continues

The makers of EVE Online have confirmed that they're ceasing development and support of their Linux version, but the producer responsible for the Mac version says the Mac will continue.

Use OS X 10.5 to work with audio in the Terminal

Learn how to play back, convert, and get info on audio files using some new OS X 10.5 Terminal commands.

OS shoot-out: Windows vs. Mac OS X vs. Linux

The Mac's been on a roll, both due to its highly regarded Mac OS X Leopard operating system and to an unhappy reception for...

Choosing a virtualization application

With three good virtualization applications on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? The answer depends on how you plan on using your virtualization application.

Review: Sun VirtualBox 2.0.6

As far as virtual machine software goes, VirtualBox is a viable alternative to both Fusion and Parallels for running other operating systems on your Intel Mac. Rob Griffiths found VirtualBox more than capable of handling routine computing tasks in both Windows and Linux.

Review: Parallels 4 build 3540

Parallels 4 offers a number of new features that some users may find compelling. However, it has rough edges that make the software feel as though it was rushed out the door without sufficient testing.

Review: VMware Fusion 2.0.1

VMware Fusion 2.0 lets you run Windows and other operating systems within the Mac OS X on an Intel-powered Macs. The new Fusion has bug fixes and many new features designed to make running alternative operating systems on your Mac as easy as possible.

Some tips on downgrading applications

Learn how to downgrade to an older MySQL version. We also have some general tips for downgrading any program that was installed using Apple’s installer.

Microsoft denies paying contractor to abandon Linux

Microsoft denied paying a Nigerian contractor to replace the Linux operating system on school computers.

VMware Fusion factors in Large Hadron Collider computing

VMware's Fusion software is being used on Macs by CERN for its Large Hadron Collider.