Don't-Miss Stories

Use a command-line AirPort tool

Learn how to use an Apple-provided tool to manage your Mac's AirPort card and connections.

Two years on, Microsoft and Novell extend partnership

Microsoft said Wednesday it would purchase a further $100 million in coupons for Suse Linux support from Novell.

How to run X11 apps on the Mac

You can run Unix programs from the comfort of a graphical user interface on your Mac. Brian Jepson explores OS X's X11.

Disable shadows in 10.5 window screen captures

Learn two ways to prevent 10.5’s (large) translucent shadow from being captured when you take screen shots of windows.

Lingon 2.1

For years, the way to schedule tasks in Unix was through a scheduler known as cron. While cron is still supported in OS X, the approved method of scheduling tasks is a program known as launchd. Unfortunately, writing a launchd task is much more complex than writing a cron task. Enter Lingon. Using a simple GUI, Lingon lets you easily create launchd tasks.

Create another version of the Unix cal command

Learn how to create another version of cal, one that will let you see week numbers and display the date for Easter in both Orthodox and western churches.

Disable the 10.5 X11 warning-on-quit dialog

If you use X11 in OS X 10.5, you’re probably annoyed by its new ‘are you sure?’ warning whenever you try to quit the program. Learn how to disable it.

Leopard’s Unix tricks

Mac OS X 10.5 includes a number of changes to its Unix core, perhaps more than in any prior OS X release. Here are my picks for the five most interesting and useful ones.

Likewise opens Windows networks to Linux, Macs

Likewise Open Spring '08, released Tuesday, is the latest version of a product that allows Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix systems to authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory servers.

FileWave adds Linux support to the mix

FileWave, the software distribution tool for network administrators, now works on Linux.