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Some open sourcers keeping open mind about Microsoft pledges

Microsoft's pledge to improve interoperability between its products and open-source applications drew mixed reaction from the open-source community.

Compare two folders' contents in Terminal

Use a built-in Unix program to quickly compare two folders' contents.

Microsoft makes boldest move yet embracing open source

In a major turnaround for Microsoft, the company Thursday promised "greater transparency" in its development and business practices.

DTerm 1.0.1

If you use Terminal mainly for simple tasks, DTerm gives you quick-and-easy access to the command line from anywhere on your Mac.

Xcode: Apple’s not-so-secret weapon

Apple’s decision to give away its development tools with every copy of Mac OS X has opened up new horizons for Mac users, particularly systems administrators.

One year after Mac hack contest, Linux and Vista may be tested

One year after sponsoring a controversial Mac hacking contest, CanSecWest promoters are looking to create a bigger spectacle.

Yellow Dog Linux 6 released

Yellow Dog Linux, designed to work on PowerPC-based architectures, has been upgraded to version 6, and is chock-full of enhancements.

Use Quick Look from Terminal

You may be surprised to learn that you can use Leopard’s Quick Look feature in the decidedly non-GUI world of Terminal. Well, you can, and here’s how.

Start Time Machine backups from Terminal

Learn how to start a Time Machine backup from Terminal, as you might need to do remotely via ssh.