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What every Safari user should know

In his previous two lessons, Christopher Breen showed you around Safari's interface and preferences. He now offers some of his favorite Safari tips and tricks.

Exploring Safari's preferences

Professor Breen continues his exploration of Safari with a look at its most helpful preferences.

Getting started with Safari

In this week's Mac 101 lesson, Chris Breen introduces the Web browser you may very well be using to read these words.

Diving into Dashboard

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen explores Dashboard, an often overlooked feature of OS X that offers users quick access to tidbits of information and helpful tools.

Making video calls with FaceTime

In this week's Mac 101, Professor Breen describes how to make and receive FaceTime video calls.

Doing more with Messages

Last week, Professor Breen took you on an extensive tour of Messages. This week, he wraps up the topic by looking at the application's screen-sharing, remote presentation, and archiving abilities.

Switch to Mac: Translating Windows to OS X

You've made the leap from a Windows PC to the Mac, but now that you're here, you might feel a bit lost. This chart will help you find the features you're looking for.

Getting started with Messages

In this week's lesson, Dr. Breen (honorary) begins his exploration of Mountain Lion's Messages application.

All about Reminders

In his next lesson, Chris Breen shows those new to Mountain Lion how to get the most out of the Reminders application.

Introducing Contacts

Dr. Breen (not a real doctor or Ph.D) delves into Mountain Lion's Contacts application.