Don't-Miss Stories

All about calendar sharing

Professor Breen returns with another Calendar lesson. This week, the intimate details on sharing and subscribing to calendars. Save the date!

Type special characters in OS X

Your Mac’s keyboard makes it easy to type any of the standard characters—the ones used most frequently in everyday typing. But OS X lets you use hundreds of special characters that don’t appear on your keyboard’s keys. This video explains three ways to access special characters in OS X.

Introduction to Calendar

Professor Breen cracked open his datebook to discover that today begins a short series of lessons on using Mountain Lion's Calendar application.

Dealing with junk mail

In this week's lesson, Professor Breen shows you how to avoid junk mail by using Mail and other tools and techniques.

Using Mail's rules, smart mailboxes, and VIPs

In this Mac 101 lesson, Professor Breen discusses the many ways Mail helps you filter and file your email automatically.

Creating, sending, and receiving email

We continue our Mail lessons with the steps necessary to create, send, and receive email.

The anatomy of the Mail window

This week Professor Breen begins a series of looks at Apple's Mail application.

Using Mountain Lion's dictation and text-to-speech features

Class is back in session and there's no reason to write notes for the upcoming test. Use dictation instead! Professor Breen explains how.

Configuring Parental Controls

In this week's Mac 101, Dr. Breen details the workings of Mountain Lion's Parental Controls.

Configuring Mountain Lion's Users & Groups

Professor Breen returns with a Mac 101 lesson on how to configure Mountain Lion's accounts through the Users & Groups system preference.

Exploring the Mac's sharing features

Mountain Lion provides multiple ways to share your Mac's files as well as some of the devices attached to it. Chris Breen explains in the latest Mac 101.