Don't-Miss Stories

Configuring your Mac's network settings

If you want your Mac to enjoy all that the Internet offers, you need to configure its network settings. Christopher Breen walks you through it.

Setting up email on your Mac

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen teaches you how to use the Mail, Contacts & Calendars system preference to configure email accounts.

The printing primer

Last week, Mac 101 delved into printer preferences. This week, we turn to printing options within applications.

The printer primer

This week's Mac 101 lesson addresses setting printers on your Mac.

Sound and vision: The Sound and Displays system preferences

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen dives deep into the Mac's Sound and Displays system preferences.

The Mac's linguistic tricks

Mac 101 marches on through the personal system preferences. This week, Chris Breen examines the many talents of the Language & Text preference.

About Mission Control

In this week's Mac 101 lesson, Professor Chris Breen guides his student through all that is Mission Control.

System Preferences: General and Desktop & Screen Saver

Chris Breen begins the exploration of Mountain Lion's system preferences with two preference panes that control the look of the Mac's interface.

Mac 101: Smart searching

You now know how to search your Mac with Spotlight. This week Chris Breen shows you how to create smart searches.

Mac 101: Seek and find

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen shows you how to easily locate specific files and folders on your Mac.