Don't-Miss Stories

WD offers new 7200RPM notebook drives

Scorpio Black is WD's new moniker for 7200RPM 2.5-inch SATA drives for use in laptops.

MacBooks, MacBook Pros get SSD upgrade from ExperCom

ExperCom is offering a Solid State Disk upgrade for MacBooks and MacBook Pros starting at $599.

Sleeve for MacBook, MacBook Air looks like envelope

Isobre's new leather sleeve for the MacBook and MacBook Air looks like a manila interoffice envelope.

Report: Apple dominates $1,000-plus market with 66 percent share

Apple is firing on all cylinders lately and the proof is in its high-end market share numbers.

Universal battery charger debuts for Apple laptops

Fastmac's U-Charge is a universal battery charger for Apple laptops.

Mac shopping advice

Once you've picked which Mac you want to buy, there are still some important decisions left. Namely, where to purchase it, and what else you need to consider adding beyond what comes standard in the box.

The new rules for buying a Mac

The world has a lot of unwritten rules: In social etiquette. In baseball. And in buying computers. For years, we have unquestioningly followed numerous unwritten rules when buying a Mac. Like many customs, these rules were once based on a foundation of facts and reason. But in the past few years, many longstanding Mac truths have been upended.

Mac buying advice

Hardware takes center stage in this edition of the Macworld Podcast, as we discuss buying advice for the Mac and get an up-close look at Psystar’s OS X-compatible Open Computer.

Nova offers USB HSUPA wireless modem

The GlobeSurfer Icon HSUPA wireless modem will let your Mac surf cell phone data networks worldwide.

IBM researchers testing workplace use of Macs

IBM Thursday disclosed that 100 of its researchers are giving Apple Macintosh computers a go to find out whether they are a strong option for use in the workplace.