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The Week in Mac Accessories: Brand new bag

11 months ago |

Papa's got a brand new bag. Several bags, in fact: Our latest roundup of Mac gear features all sorts of ways to keep your computer safe from scratches, drops, hacking, and your dirty, dirty hands.

Essential back-to-school Apple accessories

1 year ago |

School is almost here, which means it’s time to make sure your favorite Mac-using student has the right gear. From headphones to hubs, and keyboards to covers, here are some of our favorites.

Mac Gems: Be a better MacBook battery manager with Battery Health

1 year ago |

Battery Health provides detailed battery information so you can keep track of your laptop's battery life.

Play Crysis (like, decently) on a MacBook Air with this graphics card hack

1 year ago |

Larry Gadea's external graphics card hack won't make you better at Crysis, but it'll make a MacBook Air handle it smoothly.

Remains of the Day: It's new to you

1 year ago |

The Mac mini may be due for a refresh, Verizon takes the iPhone import ban to the very top, and Apple may have to dig around in the sofa cushions to pay off the ebook pricefixing case.

Pecking order: Typing with cerebral palsy

1 year ago |

Steven Aquino suffers from cerebral palsy, which makes typing difficult. Here's how he overcomes those problems.

Remains of the Day: Quick hits

1 year ago |

Apple debates how to give your iPhone the finger(print), Google Maps goes on a destructive rampage, and development of the fabled iWatch may hinge upon an all-star cast.

The Macalope Weekly: Works of fiction

1 year ago |

Technology is a great place to let your imagination run wild! Apparently.

Remains of the Day: After a fashion

1 year ago |

Apple brings in a high-fashion expert, one university's not on such good terms with Cupertino, and sorry, that's not actually your phone vibrating.

Lab Tested: CTO 11-inch MacBook Air an impressive performer

1 year ago |

The CTO 11-inch MacBook Air performs better than a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and it's much smaller and lighter.