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Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap: Reviewing the newest iPads, mastering software, easy backups

Our Macworld Doppler radar shows a lot of huge stories from the week gone by. It’s cloudy with a chance of MacBooks. Or more accurately, iPads and Mac minis. But MacBooks sounded better.

Lab Tested: The Mac mini, maximized with Fusion Drive

With build-to-order options -- including a Fusion Drive -- the new Mac mini makes a giant leap in performance.

Review: New Mac mini offers an attractive bang for the buck

If you prefer a Mac desktop computer to a laptop, and/or you don’t want to be confined to the glossy 21.5- or 27-inch displays that come with the iMac, the Mac mini is a capable system for most tasks.

Evaluating the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina display

Podcast host Chris Breen is joined by Jim Galbraith and Roman Loyola to discuss their impressions of the 13-inch retina display MacBook Pro and new Mac mini

Report: Apple dominates $1,000-plus market with 66 percent share

Apple is firing on all cylinders lately and the proof is in its high-end market share numbers.

Mac shopping advice

Once you've picked which Mac you want to buy, there are still some important decisions left. Namely, where to purchase it, and what else you need to consider adding beyond what comes standard in the box.

How Psystar’s computer measures up to a Mac

The Open Computer, an Intel-based machine capable of running OS X, can outperform a Mac mini. But it lagged behind the entry-level iMac as well as a home-built system in our benchmark testing.

The new rules for buying a Mac

The world has a lot of unwritten rules: In social etiquette. In baseball. And in buying computers. For years, we have unquestioningly followed numerous unwritten rules when buying a Mac. Like many customs, these rules were once based on a foundation of facts and reason. But in the past few years, many longstanding Mac truths have been upended.

Lab-testing the Frankenmac clone

Macworld Lab gauges the performance of Rob Griffiths's hand-built Mac clone.

IBM researchers testing workplace use of Macs

IBM Thursday disclosed that 100 of its researchers are giving Apple Macintosh computers a go to find out whether they are a strong option for use in the workplace.