Don't-Miss Stories

Snell and Ihnatko at Expo

Beloved technology columnist Andy Ihnatko pays a visit to the Macworld podquarium for this special edition of the Macworld Expo podcast. Andy shares his thoughts on the news coming out of this week's Expo, including the tale of a hard drive that chose to die just before the Expo began.

Expo Notes: Looks like a flask, works like a hard drive

One look at the latest pocket drive from Iomega, and you'll see why it got the code-name whiskey.

Expo: Daylite adds extensions to other business apps

Marketcircle released a new version of its Daylite business-management application that features extension which tie Daylite into other popular Mac business programs.

Opinion: Working the show floor

The Expo odyssey of John Moltz continues, with a stroll around the Moscone Center, a chance meeting—or two—with Sinbad, and the discovery of what PowerPoint would taste like if it were an M&M.

Off the beaten path

Join Dan Moren on a tour of the Macworld Expo show floor in this Macworld video as he looks for products that are a little off the beaten path.

Expo Notes: Everything old is new again for Software MacKiev

The software developer with a knack for breathing life into aging or abandoned software has two new makeovers on display at Expo: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and HyperStudio.

Expo Notes: Screenshot sharing

TechSmith shows off its currently free Jing Project, which offers a way for users to quickly share screenshots and videos with each other.

Expo Daily Round-Up: Storage

Rik Myslewski's Expo show floor travels continue into the land of storage, where he spots everything from tiny pocket drives to multi-terabyte behemoths.

Expo Notes: Make a smooth move to the iPhone

Nova Media's Fone2Phone offers an alternative to OS X's built-in syncing tools when it comes to moving information from your old smartphone to an iPhone.

8th annual MacBowl raises $24,000 for SF school

The eighth annual MacBowl charity event raised $24,000 in cash and equipment donations for an at-risk San Francisco elementary school.