Don't-Miss Stories

Expo Notes: Podcasters in glass houses

Rob Griffiths learns what a fish must feel like, when he records a podcast from a booth in the middle of the Macworld Expo show floor.

Expo: XtremeMac updates iPod-compatible alarm clock

The updated Luna X2, compatible with any iPod that has a dock connector, now lets users set dual alarms that include iPod tracks, radio stations, and buzzers.

Expo Notes: Hurrah for Houdah

Rob Griffiths pays a visit to Houdah's booth on the Expo show floor to check out the Spotlight enhancer, HoudahSpot, and the Google Earth assistant, HoudahGeo.

Analysis: Apple faces competition in movie-rental market

Apple enters an online movie-rental market well after other competitors. But one analyst believes the iTunes experience gives Apple a built-in advantage.

PDF2Office Personal adds full Leopard support

PDF2Office Professional from Recosoft ships in March. The PDF to Word conversion software is now Leopard compatible and adds tons of new features.

LightSpeed sales system adds touch screen

LightSpeed, the point of sale system that uses a Mac as the register, is implementing touch screen support in a new version.

GridIron helps digital content management with Flow

GridIron's Flow is a new visual workflow tool for digital content management in print, video and online.

XL90 Sound Bar System for iPod debuts

ezGear's new XL90 sound system is a seven-speaker system for the iPod.

EA plans Mac version of Spore, from Sims creator

Electronic Arts has announced plans to release a Mac version of Spore, the new game from Sims designer Will Wright.

Expo: Web flaw yields free VIP pass—again

A security researcher has found a way to get a free "Platinum" pass to MacWorld by hacking the conference Web site.