Don't-Miss Stories

Steve Jobs gets cohesive

From Rob Griffiths' seat at Moscone West, all the pieces of Tuesday's Macworld Expo keynote seemed to fit together.

EyeTV 3 sports redesigned interface

EyeTV 3 is a new version of Elgato's Digital Video Recorder (DVR) software for the Mac, now with a redesigned interface and "Smart Guides."

Expo: REALBasic to support introspection

One of the most heavily requested features according to developer Real Software, introspection is the ability to examine an object to determine what it is, what it knows, and what it's capable of doing. It will appear in REALBasic 2008 Release 1 when that software ships in February.

Hands on with the MacBook Air

Following the unveiling of the MacBook Air, Jason Snell spent some hands-on time with Apple's new thin laptop. Here are his first impressions of the latest MacBook.

Expo: On2 releases Flix video encoding and publishing app

Flix Publishing 2.0 lets users encode and publish video through a browser-based interface.

iPod touch owners can add more apps—for a price

An iPod touch software update will add five new mobile apps to the handheld music player; the update costs $19.99.

Apple introduces MacBook Air

MacBook Air is Apple's newest laptop, and it's the thinnest laptop ever.

Apple TV untethers from Mac, price dropped

Apple TV has been totally redesigned to operate as a standalone box, not as a device tethered to a Mac or PC and iTunes

More powerful maps, multi-person SMS lead new iPhone features

Apple expanded the iPhone's capabilities with a software update that adds a location finder to the Maps feature, customized home screens, multi-person SMS chats, and other new features.

Apple introduces iTunes Movie Rentals

Apple has added the ability to rent, rather than purchase, movies to its iTunes Store.