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Three new antivirus apps debut for the Mac

Sophos, ESET, and Trend Micro have all announced new antivirus products for the Mac. But the question remains: Is there really a threat?

Security firms differ on severity of new Mac malware threat

A new cross-platform malware could pose a threat to Mac users, but some security firms say that concerns are overblown.

Adobe: Hacker 'spotlight' will shine on Reader X's sandbox

Adobe's chief security executive said that the bull's-eye will be on the back of Reader X when the new version ships next month.

Anti-US hacker takes credit for 'Here you have' worm

A hacker critical of the U.S. war in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the 'Here you have worm.'

Researchers: Demand Media a home to badware

A report from researchers at HostExploit ransk Demand Media as the worst ISP for hosting malicious servers.

New Android malware texts premium-rate numbers

Researchers at Russian security company Kaspersky Lab say they've discovered first malicious software program to target Google's Android operating system.

Remains of the Day: Down by law

Shakespeare had it right: first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. For one thing, it would stop frivolous patent lawsuits, but I can also think of one iPhone thief who might give that a thumbs up. In other news, Dell and Motorola are both swatting hardware bugs like there’s no tomorrow.

McAfee announces Internet Security, Family Protection for Mac

Antivirus maker McAfee has announced the availability of two of its protection products, Internet Security and Family Protection, for the Mac.

Testing reveals security software often misses new malware

New research has further confirmed the difficulties security software companies are having keeping up with an explosion in malicious software programs.

Apple sneaks anti-malware update into Snow Leopard

Ten months after it debuted rudimentary malware scanning in Snow Leopard, Apple this week quietly added a signature for a third piece of malware, security...