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AVG brings LinkScanner malware detector to the Mac

On Monday, AVG Technologies will unveil a Mac version of AVG LinkScanner. The free download scans Website links for potential malware and phishing threats.

Security firm discovers spyware in Mac software

Intego, purveyor of security software, warns that some Mac shareware is distributing a piece of invasive new spyware. It details what the spyware can do to an infected Mac, but did not disclose which apps are distributing it.

Sophos warns of fake Apple iTunes certificate

Sophos has identified a fake Apple $50 iTunes certificate currently doing the e-mail rounds that spreads malware that could infect a PC.

New malware can take control of Macs, Intego warns

Intego has identified a new crafty and insidious piece of malware affecting Mac OS X. Luckily, the software hasn't been seen in the wild yet.

BitDefender releases antivirus for Mac, Boot Camp users

Longtime Windows security software vendor BitDefender has released two new products for Mac users. One covers just for Mac OS X, while the other covers both your Mac and Windows OSes.

VirusBarrier Server gets update from Intego

Intego has announced VirusBarrier Server 3, an updated defense in the never-ending battle against viruses and malware. This latest offering from Intego comes a few months after the release of its VirusBarrier X6. The server edition of the software it is based on the same set of robust threat-detection protocols. A Mac running as a server gets comprehensive protection against all varieties of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux malware.

VirusBarrier X6 adds iPad support

VirusBarrier X6's 10.6.5 update grants Intego's Mac virus scanner the ability to scan iPads for viruses.

The Macalope Weekly: Insecurity complex

Some guys had a security contest in Canada and an iPhone was hacked. PANIC!!!!

Malware found on another HTC Magic smartphone

The now defunct Mariposa botnet has been found on another HTC Magic from Vodafone in Spain, security company Panda wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

Intego releases VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection

Intego has released VirusBarrier X6 Dual Protection, which offers all the features of its X6 product for both Mac and Windows operating systems running on the same machine.