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Intego releases report on Mac, iPhone security for 2009

Intego, creator of VirusBarrier, has released a very comprehensive report on malware and security vulnerabilities for the Mac that have been found in the year 2009.

Intego clarifies VirusBarrier X6 renewal pricing

New information on VirusBarrier X6 renewal pricing changes a recent article about Intego's auto-expire policy on VirusBarrier X6.

Intego releases VirusBarrier X6

Intego has just released VirusBarrier X6, which now provides better protection against different kinds of malware, network surveillance, a two-way firewall, and a 10.6 enhanced 64-bit codebase.

Fishy Android apps may have been malware, says researcher

Suspicious applications that may have stolen users' online banking credentials have appeared on the Android Market, the Google-run app store for its mobile operating system.

Third iPhone worm targets jailbroken iPhones in Europe, Australia

Another iPhone worm is targeting jailbroken iPhones throughout Europe and elsewhere. Like its predecessors, it takes advantage of default passwords.

Data-stealing hack targets jailbroken iPhones

Jailbroken iPhone users who have not changed their default root password may be at risk from a hack that can steal their data.

Kaspersky Lab releases antivirus app

OK, so Mac malware is virtually nonexistent. But Kaspersky Lab says Macs can still transmit viruses to PCs, and its new product can help prevent that.

New Mac 'game' plays Russian roulette with your files

An artist tries to get gamers to think about their actions by creating an arcade-style game for the Mac that purposely deletes files from your hard drive as you score points.

Researcher: Hackers pay 43 cents per hijacked Mac

Russian malware writers have put a price on the head of infected Macs -- 43 cents -- according to a security researcher.

Apple keyboard firmware vulnerability demonstrated

A presenter at last week's Black Hat security conference demonstrated a method by which a keylogging program could be inserted in Apple's keyboard firmware.