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How to force your Mac to update its malware definitions

Apple's already released a new update to its recently-changed malware definitions file. Here's how to force your Mac to grab the latest update from Apple.

Facebook video scam puts malware on Mac and Windows

Mac and PC users are both being targeted by scammers circulating malicious Web links on Facebook that try to install fake antivirus software on victims' computers.

Remains of the Day: iCloud, uCloud, we all cloud for iCloud

Will Apple's iCloud be free as in water? Can OS X hope to combat the malware menace? Is Apple's secret data center merely a front for its nefarious plot to drill into the Earth's core?

Update brings enhanced malware protection for Snow Leopard

Apple has released Security Update 2011-003 which not only can protect against and remove the Mac Defender Trojan, but can also provide daily malware definition updates for Mac users.

More malware apps sneak into Google Market

More malware targeting Google Android devices but pretending to be legit apps managed to sneak into Google Market over the long holiday weekend. Google is taking steps to yank them.

Intego: New variant of Mac Trojan horse doesn't require a password

A new variant of a Mac-focused Trojan horse called MacGuard doesn't require an administrator password during installation. Mac users should be even more vigilant to remain safe.

Apple offers Mac malware removal instructions

Mac users who've downloaded the Mac Defender Trojan horse got some help from Apple Tuesday in the form of instructions on how to removal the malware off their Macs.

Remains of the Day: Cruising altitude

It may only be Monday, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to talk about, whether it's rumors about the next generation iPhone 5, an exciting real estate investment for Apple, or a surprise visitor at the Apple Store.

Microsoft links fake Mac AV to Windows scareware gang

Microsoft said this week that it has evidence of a link between the fake security software now plaguing Mac users and a hard-charging family of similar software on Windows.

The Macalope Weekly: Yes, but no

Three tales of partial truths! First, PCWorld tries to dispel the supposed myth of exclusive iOS apps (good luck with that). Then ZDNet assumes Mac users are babes in the woods and, finally, do white iPhones need to lay off the donuts?