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New Mac Trojan horse masquerades as virus scanner

A new Trojan horse aimed at Macs purports to be virus-scanning software with aim of parting users from their credit card information.

Intego releases VirusBarrier Plus to Mac App Store

Intego has released VirusBarrier Plus, a new antivirus and anti-malware tool, to the Mac App Store.

Rogue Android app texts humiliating messages

Android users face a new threat, a rogue app that tells all their friends they pirated the program, according to a Symantec security manager.

After attacks, Google vows to fortify Android Market

Google will build new safeguards into Android Market, its application store for the Android mobile OS, following an attack that infected thousands of phones and forced the company to wipe the malware remotely from phones.

Android Market spiked with malware-laced apps

More than 50 applications containing malware have been discovered in Google's application market for its Android mobile OS.

Hacker writes easy-to-use Mac Trojan

In a sign that hackers, like everyone else, are taking an interest in everything Apple, researchers at Sophos say they've spotted a new Trojan horse program written for the Mac.

Report: Privacy worries many Facebook, Google users

A considerable number of Facebook and Google users worry about privacy and malware when using the social networking site and search engine, according to a survey from Gallup Poll and USA Today.

Report: Mac malware threat still tiny

The annual report from security software maker Intego suggests a modest rise in the sophistication of Mac malware during 2010, though the numbers are still tiny and hard to meaningfully compare to PC equivalents.

Mac virus onslaught in 2011? Not so fast

Another "sky is falling" announcement about Mac viruses is making the news. You've heard this before--but when has the sky actually fallen?

Boonana Trojan variant uncovered, uses same tactics

An uncovered variant of the Boonana Trojan that made the news last week has been identified, but the risk to careful Internet surfers is low.